Fall in my garden…

Fall in  my garden…

After a long break I’m coming back with projects made between my holiday travels and there’s a bunch of things to show you

Fall makes me thing of a wet ground, ripe apples, grubby plums , hard pears, pumpkin, nuts, red mountain ash, acorns, and chestnuts. The sun is still warm and animals are enjoying the last sun rays and are preparing to winter sleep. The trees are losing leaves which are sparkling all the colors from the ground. The flowers are giving their last scents away and the sky cries with rain. You can find all of this in my new collection :”in my garden” It’s based on grey and black-colors for many sad and dull to me warm and cozy and perfect background for the hand painted ornaments, The effect…I hope romantic and melancholic feminine….

Below one of my favorite sets..

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