Mine not mine

Mine not mine

When I have nothing to wear I sit behind my sewing machine or reach for my brush and paint a picture on a t-shirt or a dress. It’s been for years this way. I have no problem with trimming or sewing. I haven’t taken any courses don’t need any reedy shapes or professional machines.

I deal perfectly with it because I like simple and not complicated forms. I do have an artistic education, so I don’t have problems with creating pictures on fabrics. When I decided to open my own store I didn’t accept any invitation to a fashion show, I stopped reading fashion magazines, surfing through fashion websites to make sure I’m not going to get inspired by someone and then it will turn out the projects are not really mine. Now I know I was not able to create my own collection not being inspired or without copying trends maybe if I lived on another planet…

So….it was not possible, below examples of obvious inspirations

Themes from the comic books.

MG_48121 MG_48031

MG_4261 MG_4272

MG_4284 MG_4293

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