A few words about a skirt

A few words about a skirt

They say clothes do not make a man but hardly anyone feels comfortable being naked. The clothing adorns, covers our defects, exposures strengths and gives a character. Of course well fit clothing because we can harm ourselves with it –distort our figure, expose defect or take our personality away.

For some time I’ve been planning to prepare a collection which will take care of our good mood. During wintertime I made a skirt which optically enhanced butt. Classy, pencil-shaped skirt, which back will be decorated with flounces. And you know what? This skirts genius! A few frills perfectly covering buttocks, enhances and make more visible my butt and it’s also decorating it in a very original way.

Below a little presentation 🙂

s5 s6 s7 s3

s2 s4 s1


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