Its already fall…

Its already fall…

It’s hard to believe but it’s already November but still.

One day after work I went with my friend to a park to relax and enjoy the last rays of sun

It was wonderful. In such conditions the mood is getting better in an instant the batteries charge and your sight is fed by the game of lights and colors.


We were surrounded by all the colors of fall- hundreds of shades of red, yellow, green, brown, and me? As usually different…Obviously I was not fitting the background. I stand out of the surroundings but does everything has to cooperate always? It turns out that even with a simple camera you can show the fabrics very well. The gloss in jeans pretending to be leather was shown by intensive rays of light.


Dungarees are my fall hit. I bought one pair and the moment later another.


The heroine of my pics is a fall lady, the park welcomed her like sister, the trees tucked up and the leaves were dancing around her.

DSC03176 DSC03195
DSC03094 DSC03102

Ania knows what to wear in fall


Ania thanks. I hope you want mine me putting your pics on my blog 🙂


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