In a moment…

In a moment…

I’m lacking a faith…I don’t know if what I’ve been actually doing all my life will find any recognition in anyone’s eyes. However if id not try I will ever find out if what I’m doing deserves a prize. In a moment, tomorrow , the day after tomorrow , maybe in a couple of days I will put on this website clothes designed, painted and made by me. The first series is not going to be consistent but I want this premiere to be various and at least one thing to find its fan.

You will find here older designs, which were complimented many times in the past and a few completely new designs.

Below you’ll find a little taste of the series: “ej”

blog__MG_1641 ej2 ej3

and the series  “bzzz”

bzzz bzzz1 bzzz2

and  “zazuzi”

zazuzi zazuzi1

and  “takie tam”takie-tam

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