Im feeling ….Green

Im feeling ….Green
I saw it many times in a store, got me curious but not astonished. I tried it once…The trousers fit well, the jacket too I didn’t buy it though…Why? It should be a good choice for a green-eyed girl but do I need it? The jacket did not make me feel enthusiastic, trousers were boring, the whole set a bit forest-like somehow this set was tempting me.
I had a dream about it. In my dream, a beautiful dream I was dancing at some great party dress in the suit, a shirt with meadow ornament and same like bow tie. A dream about a piece of clothing may mean only one thing, the set is meant for me and I need to find a place for it in the closet. Maybe it will bring me luck or maybe it will be my favorite set. Time will tell
The premier as always was at work. My friends liked it I guess. It’s hard to tell as they do not tend to talk much…. To me it doesn’t actually mean much what’s important is that I like what I’m wearing. An I felt perfectly , the set was covering all my defect and emphasizing all the pluses of my figure , trousers very comfortable, maintained their shape all day even though were not made of any high quality fabric.
I was full of energy and a good mood all day, these were the colors I think that made me feel so alive. I worked until dawn and even when I got back home I had enough energy to prepare this shoot for you.
L1020891 L1020892 L1020895 L10208861 L1020860 L1020881
L1020967 L1020990 L1020992 L1020913

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