A new t-shirt

A new t-shirt

By a complete accident one Sunday afternoon me and my friend found ourselves in a special place. We were welcomed by a very discrete marked parking space…with great lightning and the walls…. In my favorite color. I barely managed to get out of the car and already reached for a camera in my bag and asked my friend to take pics. I wasn’t wearing anything special that day but I was sure that in such a harmonious surroundings everything will present itself well. Besides who doesn’t take risk…

We had just a moment for pics, maybe a minute, maybe two or three(that’s how much time the security guys gave us , who when they saw usd taking pics suspected us of some spying) Whats more my friend didn’t know how to use the camera and it took her a while until she convince it to cooperate ( cheeky, mean bastard!)

Im putting the pics from this instant photosoot on because I like them and I don’t belive anyone will let uss take pics in this forbidden place again ni don’t believe.

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